One-Page Websites

Online Web Pages 

Sometimes all you need is a One-Page Web Site

A one-page web site is even better than handing out a business card to every viewer, because so much more information can be included, and it's available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you think an online website would be too expensive, or you aren't sure what information you would need or how to get started, then we can help.  Let us show you how easy and affordable it is.

What to Include

The most important items to remember are:

  1. Visual Interest - Including your logo, visual materials you use in your marketing, or perhaps a picture of yourself or your business gives your page visual appeal.

  2. Contact Information - Including your phone number(s), location, and hours will help potential customers know how, where and when to contact your business.  If you want people to come to your office or store, we can include a small map with directions.  This is especially important if you are in a hard to find location.

  3. Products or Services - Providing short descriptions of your products or services will let viewers know what you have to offer and why they should shop or do business at your establishment.  As an example, this is a great way for restaurants to list menu and pricing information.

  4. Testimonials from clients - Including up to three testimonials will enhance your business' credibility. 

  5. Links to any news articles and directories - Adding links to where your business is mentioned will help to improve your search rankings. 

  6. And DON'T FORGET to include your new webpage address when you update telephone listing with "Ma Bell".  When potential clients look up your number in the phone book, having your web address published will bring then online for more information.

How it Works  

An Online Web Page will be custom designed to provide a unique web presence appropriate for your business and assigned a web address that will include your company's name. 

Our demo page, created for a fictitious business named "Your Company", shows how this works.  The web address for the page is

What it Includes  

  • Page Design ... You choose the basic layout from one of our many designs. Styling and colors are tailored to your requirements.

  • Up to 600 words of text of your choice (our demo page used only 125 words of text)

  • Up to 10 images ... photographs, graphics, or logos of acceptable file type* (also see Optional Services )

  • Quarterly updates

*Acceptable file types include .gif, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, and .swf.  (.tif and .bmp file types will be converted to jpegs)

What it Costs  


12 months online for just $100.00 - SAVE 17% - Great Deal!

     Limited Introductory Offer: SAVE an additional 25% ... only $75.00 for the first year - Super Deal!  
     * Yearly
Renewal is just - $100.00! 

Email for more information